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Information Booklets

A Collection of information booklets have been written to help you understand what is happening and give advice for now and the future. We have GBS UK gain to thank for providing us with such vital and well thought out booklets.

These guides have been written by neurologists and other specialists who have a particular interest in GBS, CIDP and other associated inflammatory neuropathies. The information contained in these guides is an accurate and up-to-date account. Situations may arise in which you receive apparently conflicting opinions and information from different doctors and health care workers about various aspects of the illnesses. Unfortunately these guides cannot respond in words to the conflicts or concerns this information may cause. Consequently if you do not understand or are worried by the information offered here, you must ask your medical specialist to explain. Don’t be scared to quote from these guides if you feel intimidated or neglected – any good doctor should be willing to listen and explain.

Copies of these books can be downloaded by clicking on the images below:

If you feel your doctor would benefit from an information pack containing copies of these guides, please email info@guillainbarresyndrome.org and pass on the name and address of the doctor.