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What we do

Simply put, we help patients and families suffering from GBS emotionally, physically and financially. We aim to raise awareness to decrease the time people have GBS and ultimately we aim to find a cure for GBS.

Our main activities include:

  • Providing health services focused on patients and families needs of those with GBS and related illnesses of the peripheral nerves; such as raising funds for screening for diseases and symptoms, treatment of diseases, as well as services such as counselling.
  • Undertaking research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and/or management of GBS and related illnesses and publishing the results of that research
  • Providing information on research from medical professionals regarding the most recent developments in best practice for diagnosing, treating and/or managing GBS and other related illnesses.
  • Raising money to purchase diagnostic and treatment equipment for hospitals and medical centres.
  • Providing funds, advice and information on screening services for the early identification of conditions of GBS.
  • Increasing public awareness by educating both the professional and lay communities of GBS.
  • Providing advice on nutrition and exercise for people who suffer from GBS
  • Publishing the results of independent research into the effectiveness of different treatments for GBS.
  • Organising patient transport services to and from public medical centres where necessary to enable patients to access healthcare.
  • Help on social integration for patients and families.
  • Raising awareness and funds through fundraising activities such as; balls, sponsored runs, sporting events, advertising campaigns and many more.